Highprofile Classic Timber 

Highprofile Classic timber shutters are a designer’s go-to choice for a timeless window treatment. Our shutters are 100% real timber in a market filled with imitations. Available in Poplar, Paulownia and Basswood, we have perfected the timber plantation shutter design over three generations, resulting in a range of shutters with a flawless finish, engineered strength, and an enduring appeal.

Why Timber Shutters?

Plantation shutters are window furnishings that have stood the test of time, which means you are investing in an enduring style that won’t date. They are the only window furnishing that allows you to control light and airflow while maintaining privacy and can be totally customised to suit traditional or contemporary spaces with any design scheme.

  • 100% One Timber Species
    All our shutters are crafted from the highest-quality single-timber species. Unlike many other shutters on the market that are manufactured with low-grade timber or a composite core wrapped in a thin timber veneer, all Highprofile Classic shutters are 100% poplar or 100% basswood. In other words, they’re better quality and more durable.
  • A Flawless Piant Finish
    Our shutters are finished with the same 2-pack polyurethane paint you find in high-end kitchens and cabinetry – giving them a polished, uniform finish each and every time. Unlike inferior products painted with a Nitro Cellulosic paint that is prone to streaking and chipping, our 2-pack paint finish is durable and tough.
  • Your Imagination Is Your Only Limit
    Highprofile Classic shutters are completely customisable – no matter how creative you like to be. We offer a truly bespoke experience allowing infinite customisation. Feel free to stay traditional or explore different shapes, colours and textures to let your individual personality shine through.
  •  Flawless.
  • Hand Selection For The Perfect Grain
    Our stained timber shutters are crafted from the very best basswood timber known for its superb, distinctive wood grain. Each and every piece is carefully hand-selected to ensure the grains are fine and even without knots or imperfections, creating a better-quality appearance.
  • We Go The Extra Step For Sustainability
    We’re passionate about minimising our environmental impact, so we only source timber from sustainable forestry and our unique approach to construction also enables a more efficient yield from every single tree.
  • Affordable Luxury
    Our Highprofile Classic plantation shutters are made using the finest traditional craftsmanship – but without the high-end price tag you’d expect. Being a specialist in shutters, we’ve honed our craft over decades and quite simply, it’s our volume that allows us to keep our prices so low.


  • 64mm
  • 89mm
  • 114mm
Best Plantation Shutters,Plantation Shutter Installation

Highprofile Poly PVC

Highprofile Poly is our most affordable plantation shutter, made entirely of PVC. Ultra-durable, and available in a range of popular painted colours, Highprofile Poly is a stylish yet affordable solution for those seeking shutters over soft window furnishing treatments.

PVC Shutters For The Budget Conscious Customer

  • Solid Construction
    Constructed with 100% PVC extrusion, each blade has an aluminium insert for additional strength and durability.
  • Perfect For Wet Areas
    Unlike timber shutters, full PVC shutters are virtually waterproof and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  • Perfect For Small Windows
    Compared to timber and aluminium, PVC is a heavier material and is therefore more suited to standard sized and small windows. For wider windows, consider our affordable Highprofile Elements shutters which combine a timber frame with PVC blades.
  • A Flawless Paint Finish
    Our painted shutters are finished in a modern 2-pack polyurethane paint that provides a premium durable finish to your shutters.
  • Low VOC
    All of our interior shutters made with PVC meet Australia’s VOC standard levels for health and safety. They are also UV resistant; therefore, will not yellow over time.
  • Don’t Break The Budget
    The Highprofile Poly plantation shutter looks like a timber plantation shutter but without the higher price tag. Although it has fewer bespoke options, it is the perfect shutter choice for those who want the look of luxury for less.


Composition: 100% PVC frame and PVC blades reinforced with aluminium inserts

Finish: 2-pack polyurethane paint

Blades: 64mm, 89mm, 114mm / Elliptical only

Control Rod: Clearview, Traditional Centre

Stiles: 51mm Beaded, 51mm Flat, 51mm Beaded with D-Mould, 51mm Flat with D-Mould

Frames: Z Frame Standard, Z Frame Flat, Z Frame Deco, L Frame Beaded, L Frame Face Fit Deco, L Frame Insert

Max Width & Height (covered by warranty)

  • 400mm – 900mm Wide (dependant on installation option)
  • 2700mm High (across all installation options)


  • 64mm
  • 89mm
  • 114mm
Best Plantation Shutters,Plantation Shutter Installation

Highprofile Avenir Internal Aluminium 

Highprofile Avenir is an aluminium shutter designed specifically for interior rooms and is almost indistinguishable from timber. Its lightness means it can span large panel widths up to 1100mm wide covered by warranty and is considered the most durable and strongest in our shutter collection. Finished in a beautiful matt powder coat finish, the clean, minimalistic lines of this shutter adds a modern feel to any home or commercial setting.

Why Choose An Aluminium Shutter For Inside?

Clean modern lines and finished in quality matt powder coat, Highprofile Avenir has all the benefits of a premium shutter but at a fraction of the price.

  • Maximise Light and View
    Highprofile Avenir has the largest single panel expanse reaching up to 1100mm wide, without compromising any of the structural integrity of the shutter.
  • It Won’t Sag or Crack
    Aluminium is inherently stronger and more durable than timber and PVC, making Highprofile Avenir the ultimate choice for withstanding wear and tear of everyday living.
  • Tight Blade Closure
    Each blade is precisely extruded from aluminium, giving the shutters a tight louvre closure, minimising light when required.


  • Composition: Marine grade aluminium
  • Finish: Powder coat paint finish – 6 standard colours, Custom colours available
  • Blades: 89mm / Elliptical only
  • Control Rod: Clearview only
  • Stiles: 52mm Flat
  • Frames: Flat L, Flush Mount Z
  • Max Width & Height (covered by warranty)

– 500mm – 1100mm Wide (dependant on installation option)
– 2500mm – 3000mm High (dependant on installation option)

A living room with white plantation shutters on the windows.

Highprofile Elements

Highprofile Elements is an innovative hybrid shutter that cleverly merges a 100% poplar timber frame with PVC blades. This shutter was designed to be lightweight to reduce sag, while still retaining the classic plantation shutter look with an affordable price tag. The timber frame allows for wider panels compared to a 100% PVC

The Ingenious Fusion Of Timber and PVC Offering a Cost Effective Solution With Timeless Style

  • Hybrid Construction
    Constructed with a 100% Poplar timber frame and PVC extruded blades, this shutter is lighter than a full PVC shutter yet more affordable than a full timber shutter. The perfect balance for the budget conscious homeowner.
  • Wider Panels
    A timber frame allows for a wider panel expanse than an all PVC frame, and wider panels offer less obstruction to view.
  • A Flawlesss Paint Finish
    We use a 2-pack polyurethane paint, used in kitchens and high-end cabinetry, giving a lustrous, perfect finish. Other shutters may be painted with an inferior Nitro Cellulosic paint.
  • Low VOC
    All of our interior shutters made with PVC meet Australia’s VOC standard levels for health and safety.
  • Affordable Luxury
    The Highprofile Elements plantation shutter is a unique hybrid shutter that does not come with the expected price tag. An ingenious fusion of timber and PVC offers a cost-effective shutter with timeless style.
  • We Go The Extra Step For Sustainability
    We use timber from sustainable forestry, and our unique construction results in a more efficient yield from the tree.

Composition: 100% Poplar timber frame, PVC blades

Finish: 2-pack Polyurethane Paint, 13 standard whites

Blades: 64mm, 89mm, 114mm / Elliptical only

Control Rod: Clearview only

Stiles: 51mm Beaded, 51mm Flat, 51mm Rabbet, 65mm Flat, 90mm Flat

Frames: Z Frame Standard, Z Frame Large Lip, Z Deco, Z Crown, Bevelled Z, Flat L, Beaded L plus many more options

Max Width & Height (covered by warranty)

– 400mm – 900mm Wide (dependant on installation option)
– 2700mm High (across all installation options)

We at Melbourne Shutters and Blinds are specialists when it comes to plantation shutters. With over 30 years of experience of behind us, it doesn’t matter if you want shutters for a complicated bay window, a sliding door, a cathedral arched window or a double hung sash window; we are experts and we can do it all. We have plantation shutters that are waterproof for that awkward window in your bathroom or above the kitchen sink. We have shutters that act as an elegant room divider, bi-folding and sliding shutters for doorways, and previous customers have even used our shutters as wardrobe, laundry and cupboard doors. Our range of external shutters can enclose your pergola, your swimming pool and your outdoor BBQ area.